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Best Custom Desktop PCs for Australian Gamers


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Why shop with UMKLOGIX for Gaming and Professional Custom or Prebuilt Computer


Intuitive and easy to use custom PC builder

Our custom-built gaming computers are perfect for gaming enthusiasts and novices alike and are carefully assembled to your specifications to ensure you enjoy the best gaming experience possible.

At Umklogix Australia, we cater to a range of computer enthusiasts who want something more sensational than off-the-shelf computers. We make it easy to build a gaming computer that fits your lifestyle — simply choose a model, and specify the CPU, GPU, RAM and other features for a completely customised setup you’ll go wild for.

Best of all, our computers are available at a wide range of prices, so even if you’re on a budget, you’ll still be able to find an affordable custom-built gaming computer that works great and doesn’t break the bank. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out today for help designing your new desktop gaming computer.


Is a desktop better than a laptop for gaming?

Yes! Laptops are convenient if you’re gaming on the go, but a desktop gaming system is hands-down the best option for optimal speed and performance. Desktop gaming computers also often have higher-end hardware while remaining affordable, giving you more bang for your buck.

How do gaming desktops work?

Think of a gaming desktop like a regular PC — only better. Gaming PCs often are more powerful, focus more on graphics and have higher-performance RAM, CPUs and other features.

What are the features of a gaming desktop?

Some of the most important features your gaming desktop computer will have are:

  • Graphics card/GPU — Can’t run games without it!

  • Storage — Your storage choice can affect loading and start-up times

  • RAM — Most smaller games won’t need much RAM, but it never hurts to have a little extra, especially if you’re using your computer to multitask

  • CPU — A mid-tier or high-tier CPU will work great for games (especially simulation and strategy games) and in all modern productivity suites

What is the most important part of a PC for gaming?

Your GPU is the principal part of your gaming setup, so don’t skimp on it! Powerful, high-quality graphics cards will change the way you experience your game. Sure, other parts like the CPU and RAM can affect how fast your games can run, but the GPU is directly connected to the visuals you’ll see on screen, making it the most important component you’ll need to consider when building your gaming desktop.

How big are gaming PCs?

Bigger than a gaming laptop, that’s for sure. A standard gaming PC typically measures around 55 cm tall, 50 cm long and 20 cm wide. However, that can vary depending on your setup, and that’s not even considering monitors and peripherals, either.

How much storage do I need for my gaming desktop?

You’ll want at least 1 TB of storage space on your gaming PC, though extra storage space is a definite must for serious gamers with a large library installed on their device.

How much memory does a gaming desktop computer need?

Generally speaking, 8 GB of memory is the minimum for gaming desktops — however, it’s important to note that some newer games require more RAM, so it never hurts to have a bit extra, just in case.

Can I use a gaming PC for work?

Yes! Your gaming desktop can handle anything that a standard desktop can. The only difference? Everything you do will look much better (and happen way faster) than on a traditional PC. Gaming computers are a great business investment for video editors, graphic artists or anyone who conducts many PowerPoint presentations.

How long do gaming computers last?

Keep your computer happy and it could last you for ten years or more. If you want to get the most out of your gaming PC, you should upgrade the individual components as needed to keep your computer in the best shape possible.


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