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Read our Gaming PC Buying Guide to make sure you choose the right PC configuration!

Why shop with UMKLOGIX for Gaming and Professional Custom or Prebuilt Computer

The best budget custom gaming PCs in Australia

At UMKLOGIX Australia, we understand Australian gamers’ requirements and offer gaming computers with specifications that suit most casual and serious gamers by keeping in mind quality, affordability and performance. Our ability to provide entry-level quality custom budget gaming PCs at affordable prices is made possible by our years of industry experience and high technical expertise.

Let us help you find your custom budget gaming PC

A cheap gaming PC doesn't have to have substandard quality. Our team knows exactly what components should be packed inside a gaming PC for a specific budget that would give the best possible performance and more bang for your buck.

We’ll help you find the best option for your budget by customising aspects, including:

  • Graphics cards — Arguably the most crucial factor for aesthetic gaming. This is how your PC will render the details of each game. It’s also where most of your budget will go on a build.
  • CPU — The central processing unit works with your graphics card, so you’ll need one that can support the chosen graphics specs for the best performance. 
  • Motherboard — With any budget custom PC builder, you’ll need a gaming-grade motherboard to support your machine, with four memory slots.
  • RAM — RAM is one of the simplest components to upgrade post-build, so it’s an opportunity to save rather than splurge on a budget custom gaming PC.
  • CPU cooler — To avoid processing power being shut down at high heat, a leak-free liquid or air CPU cooler is essential.
  • Storage — Storage is another element that can be added later, but starting with 500GB or 1TB of M.2 SSD is a good idea for a budget custom gaming PC. 
  • Wireless connectivity — Depending on your requirements, wireless connectivity may be necessary, especially if you’re playing online and want to be wirelessly connected without experiencing significant lag. Though wired options will always be quicker, they can sometimes be inconvenient, as a long wire can be an aesthetic or even functional nightmare. 
  • Aesthetics — Even on a budget, you may want your custom gaming PC to look the part too. We offer in-built RGB light features and options to add these details later so that you can focus your budget on performance elements for the time being. 

Looking for some extra guidance before you choose a custom budget gaming PC? Read our gaming PC buying guide to ensure you choose the right PC configuration!


What makes a gaming PC different?

A great custom gaming PC is more than just the sum of its parts; it’s a machine built specifically to suit how you play. This means prioritising graphics processing, minimising the potential for lag, giving you a great visual experience and allowing for a more responsive and fast gameplay experience thanks to the appropriate amount of RAM and CPU.

What is the most essential part of a PC for gaming?

When it comes to budget custom PC builders, the most effective setups balance the trade-off between FPS (frames per second), resolution and graphics quality to give you the best performance and gaming experience. Beyond this, maximising your computer’s CPU cooling capabilities will ensure that you’re not losing out on performance caused by thermal throttling.

What should you look for in a gaming PC?

AT UMKLOGIX, we know what Australian gamers need in their budget custom gaming PCs. From choosing the right RAM, GPU and CPU options to helping you select the extra features that make a difference in a budget custom gaming PC like a CPU cooler, RGB lighting and sound cards, we can help you find the right build for your needs.

What should I save and splurge on when building a PC?

If you’re on a budget, it’s a good idea to invest in a desktop custom gaming PC that you can potentially upgrade in the future while prioritising graphics and CPU over display and resolution settings. If you’re unsure how to make this work, we’re happy to answer any of your questions in more detail.

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