At UMKLOGIX Australia, we know everyone uses their PC a little differently. That’s why we stock a range of powerful pre-built and custom gaming PCs to suit your needs. Check out our custom gaming PC builder, or talk to us about which option is best for your use cases. PCs built by we professionals offer peace of mind for customers in terms of warranty, time-saving, quality, compatibility and troubleshooting in case of any technical faults that may occur in the future. We do guide our customers even after the warranty period expires.

Whether you like small indie RPGs, testing your reflexes with a classic first-person shooter, or immersing yourself in hyper realistic flight and driving simulators, choosing a custom gaming PC can tailor a machine to suit your budget, performance and aesthetic experience. Upsize on RAM to meet software requirements as needed by the games you play, max out storage so you can always have a variety of titles at your fingertips, or get your graphics and display hardware just right so you never miss any glorious detail.

When choosing a pre-built or custom gaming PC, you’ll want to consider these factors:

  • GPU — The graphics processing unit is essential for adequately rendering your game's details. Quality of the gaming graphics depends on how capable the graphics card inside your computer is.
  • Display — Make sure a good graphics card is complimented with a good quality monitor with resolution of at least 1080p that supports about 75Hz refresh rate or 144Hz if the budget allows). For more powerful computers, choose a higher resolution monitor like WQHD or 4K UHD to see real benefits of your PC specs.
  • CPU — The central processing unit is responsible for your game's responsiveness when executing commands. 
  • Memory — With the CPU and GPU, your PC’s memory is responsible for games running at their optimal speeds. Make sure the computer meets recommended RAM requirements as set out by the game software developers.
  • Storage — Finally, storage will allow you to store the games on your PC. M.2 NVMe SSDs allow faster read and write speeds reducing long load times.
  • Motherboard — It’s a central circuit board that makes all the computer components talk to each other and distributes electricity from the power supply.
  • Power Supply — Add up power requirements of all individual major components inside the desktop PC like CPU, GPU, liquid cooler, etc. and get a PSU that exceeds in wattage rating.

In general, it’s a combination of powerful graphics processing, computer processing, memory and storage that set gaming PCs apart and their impressive display settings. Depending on your gaming type, your needs may differ from someone else’s; at UMKLOGIX, we offer high-performance and budget options for custom gaming PCs in Australia, so you’re sure to find the right machine.

This will depend on the games you like to play — in general, older games require less RAM, and if you’re interested in playing vintage or indie games, 8GB can be enough to give you a good experience.

For most gamers playing AAA and modern games, 16GB is an excellent mid-level that will deliver a decent gaming experience. However, if you’re playing brand new games on the highest settings, or playing games like the latest flight simulators, 32GB will make a big difference to your machine’s performance and is now recommended for the ideal experience.

After years of climbing prices for PC parts, costs are finally dropping dramatically, making this one of the best times to build your own custom gaming PC. UMKLOGIX specialises in high-performance and budget-friendly options, so you can get the desired result without breaking the bank.

While there might be a higher price tag on a custom PC than a default one, if you love gaming or use your PC for 3D modelling, rendering and animation, you’ll find that a custom PC gives you the extra performance boost you need. With a range of custom gaming PCs and workstation PCs, UMKLOGIX puts the power in your hands, allowing you to choose all the powerful features you need.